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Tamping rammer.
4 strokes petrol or diesel engines.

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Light and wear resistant foot for optimum soil compaction.
Three stage air filter 3S:
• 1S separates the heavy dust particles.
• 2S stops bulky particles.
• 3S removes the finer particles completing the filtering process.
Easy to use throttle protected against blows and drops.
Robust and ergonomic handle with incorporated wheels for easy vehicle loading and unloading.
Structural parts made in cast aluminium with special thermal treatments.
Specific protections for each engine.
Frequency, impact force and width suitable for compacting different floors.
Specially recommended for gutters and narrow areas of work.
– Tachometer with operating hours and RPM indicator.
– Air filter saturation sensor which allows for optimal maintenance, resulting in a significant increase in engine life.

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Weight 70,0 kg
Dimensions 770 × 398 × 1038 cm

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