Plastic Formwork Applications

Geopanel is the first plastic lightweight formwork. Its innovative design made a revolution in the construction industry by making construction faster, cheaper, safer, and more sustainable.

Geopanel has a very high resistance to weather conditions, requires minimal human resources, even unskilled ones, no machinery required. No additional processing before new positioning is needed.

Geoplast formwork system is so versatile that it could be used for the casting of any concrete surface: walls, columns, foundations, beams, pits and shafts, shear walls, ceilings, or roof slabs.

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εφαρμογές πλαστικών καλουπιών Πανέλο κολόνας ρυθμιζόμενο STAR 20-60
Plastic Formwork Geopanel

Plastic Formwork Applications

Geopanel Formwork in action!