Scaffold tower RAPIDO SUPER 100x180cm, 4m

The new RAPIDO SUPER RS180 complies with the new UNI EN 1004-1:2021 norms, which includes that each scaffold tower must be designed, assembled and disassembled without the need for individual protection about falling from above.

They are ideal for construction, painting, plant engineering and maintenance works.

Made of extruded aluminium, a light material, resistant to corrosion but at the same time very solid, it provides maximum stability and avoids structural collapses.

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The safe assembly system includes that the railings can be assembled from the bottom, thus allowing the operator to access the protected work area, minimizing the risk of falling from above.
The scaffold towers of the new line are completely customizable, they consist of few components that allow you to create the desired configuration based on the required working height. This configuration includes the starter foldable kit with four wheels with brake.
The worktops are made of high-strength aluminium, while the large support hooks consist of an aluminium core covered in high-strength techno plastic materials, thus allowing maximum solidity in case of accidental impacts.
The scuff plate and the walking surface are made of non-slip plywood and phenolic treatment for water resistance.
The components are light, easy to transport and to assemble.

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EN 1004-1:2021