Platform Elevah 65MP

Platform Elevah 65 MP is a stock picker which can reach a working height of 6.5 m and is able to move around easily even in very small spaces.

Designed for picking, storage, organization of warehouses, shelves and logistics.

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Compact – only 78×178 cm – and with a turning radius equal to zero that allow the operator to work quickly and comfortably. This platform is easy to drive even in the most narrow areas with little room for maneuver.

Work is safer but also faster and easier: thanks to the possibility to electrically adjust the plate, loading and unloading operations can be carried out ergonomically, reducing efforts as much as possible.

Easy and handy to move, it can be driven with one hand thanks to the joystick.

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Weight 830 kg
Dimensions 78 × 128 × 172 cm


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