Motor-in-head pokers for concrete M AFP

High frequency concrete vibrator.

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The switch box, made of technical plastic (PA), is robust and watertight, completely prevents any moisture from the cement entering.
Switch protected by a reinforced rubber washer resistant to continuous use and the wear and tear of abrasive materials.
Enar motor-in-head pockers operate at a vibration frequency of 12.000 v.p.m.
The broad range of Enar vibrators can be employed for all types of vibration operations.
Their frequency and amplitude guarantee an optimal compaction of the concrete without any segregation of the elements composing the mass.
Optimal perfromance results in fissure free resitant concrete with a finish that is free of common defects such as honeycomb or pinholes , and a finish that is homogeneous and has no holes.

Weight 14 kg