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Weight 711 kg
Performance kg 20.062 kg
Performance kN 197 kN
RPM  1000 rpm
Poles  6 poles
Power Supply CURRENT 380 V
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βιομηχανικοί δονητές italvibras προδιαγραφέςThe MVSI series represents the line of reference products for manufacturer’s of vibrating machines and plants operating in many industrial sectors and is made up of the largest range on the market, with centrifugal force values up to 26000 Kgf (254kN).
It is characterised by state-of-the-art technological evolution in the perspective of continual performance improvements. The MVSI-S02 series, now inserted for sizes 00-01-10-20-30-60-70-80-90 and 97, in the implementation phase on the entire range, represents another step forward in the sturdiness and reliability of the product. The MVSI series has been conceived to guarantee higher performance in all conditions and environments and complies with the most recent IEC and EN international standards for use in atmospheres with potentially explosive powders. In particular, the MVSI series can be used in areas 21 and 22.

A B C D E øG F H I L M N Cable Entry Thread
1120 526 570 140 480 45 8 41 268 280 486 510 516  Μ32*1,5

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Weight 711,0 kg
Performance kg
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