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Weight 6 kg
Performance kg 211 kg
Performance kN 2,07 kN
RPM  3000 rpm
Poles  2 poles
Current Supply 12V
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βιομηχανικοί δονητές italvibras προδιαγραφές

The MVCC series of vibrators with direct current has been designed for use in those situations where network electricity is not present. In particular for hoppers, silos and gate-controls and roll-on roll-off vehicles (concrete mixers, pumps for concrete, plasterers, salt distributors, gravel spreader, fertiliser spreader, hauled silos, industrial sweeper filters). The newly-conceived electric motor, with permanent magnet poles, and the increase in size of the electrical parts, allow constant, high yielding performance.

The MF models have a multi-hole fixing base to adapt to different center distances of drilling.

A B C D E øG F H I L M N Cable Entry Thread
267 146.5 162 4 25 88 46 103 140 117  Μ20*1,5

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Weight 6,0 kg
Performance kg

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