GEOTUB PANEL column 40*40cm


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Geotub Panel is modular reusable plastic formwork for the creation of rectangular and square columns, that can be reused more than 100 times. It is better than wooden or metal options, since it is lightweight, and fast and easy to install.

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ADVANTAGES OF USING GEOTUB® : REUSABLE GEOTUB is cost-competitive as it can be used for an average of 100 pours. As concrete does not stick to plastic, cleaning of the formworks is done using just some water: the use of detergents and stripping agents is not necessary. FAST SET-UP AND STRIPPING Setting-up the formwork and stripping after pouring are easy and fast operations, thanks to the special handles that lock with a simple 90 degree turn. MODULARITY GEOTUB is a modular element with a height of 60 cm: it does not need to be cut to length as only the amount of elements required for the pour is used. STORAGE GEOTUB can be completely disassembled and does not need to be stored in a dry environment. HANDLING ON SITE Thanks to their small size and weight, the elements can be easily handled in the construction site, and can be easily assembled where required. RESULTS The surface of columns poured with GEOTUB® can be left in sight without any further rework. SETTING-UP The single elements are joined using high-strength nylon handles. The set-up operation is very fast as the fast-lock nylon handles firmly join the forms with a simple 90 degree turn. There is no particular direction to follow while assembling the GEOTUB elements, nor when using the handles, as they are are universal.

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