Electronic Converter Rocket 60

Very defined product and developed for vibration professionals

Rocket has a 5m electric cable and a 5m transmission shaft which connects directly into a single-phase 230v supply.

This is a powerful, trustworthy and safe piece of equipment ideal for the jobsite.

It´s size and weight make it very manageable and easy to use in difficult to access places and also on the move.

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Rocket has an electronic converter connected to a high frequency vibrator.

The Rocket provides the same benefits as the AFP series but without the need for a separate generator/converter

– Thermal protection for the stator.

– Oversized motor.

– Lubricated using oil for high performance and benefits

– Hardened head and neck on the concrete vibrator.

– No maintenance needed.

Technical details

  • Power input/Frequency: 230V~50/60Hz.
  • Also, available in 110V~50/60Hz..
  • 12,000 vpm
  • Progressive start up to prevent high current through the poker, avoiding damage.

More inofrmation:  Rocket Vibrator

Weight 20,6 kg
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