Disarmoil 25lt


NUOVO DISARMOIL is a special blend of synthetic oils and special emulsifying agents, to be diluted with water before use (1: 20 – oil in water).

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Benefits: the concentrated form release agent should be diluted with water to obtain a white emulsion
that remains stable at least
for 24 hours.
Easy to apply by brush or pressure type sprayer and will not stain and is a non-carcinogenic material.
It will not discolour concrete or interfere with structural strength. It contains no solvents.
It is environmentally safe.
It is safe for operator health.
It is hazard free.

Dilution ratio: 1 lt NUOVO DISARMOIL with 15 to 20 lt of water.
Application: spray, brush or roller.
Consumption: 1lt / 60 to 80 m2 of timber form.
Packaging: cistern 1.050 lt – drum 210 lt – tank 10 – 25 lt