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With the new Husqvarna K 960 we are taking yet another big step forward in the development of handheld power cutters.
The Husqvarna K 960 is our latest and most powerful handheld cutter, featuring the revolutionary new X-Torq® engine technology.
X-Torq® dramatically reduces emissions, compared to earlier engine generations. And even though the Husqvarna K 960 is based on our experiences from the well-known Husqvarna K 950, the improvements are so extensive that we see it as an entirely new power cutter.
The new Husqvarna K 960 is a unique machine, in a class of its own when it comes to emission levels, efficiency and manoeuvrability.

Technical Data

Power output 4.5 kW / 6.1 hp(I)
Cylinder displacement 94 cm³ / 5.74 cu.inch
Cutting equipment

Blade diameter 300/350/400 mm / 12/14/16 ”
Max cutting depth 100/125/145 mm / 4/5/6 ”

Vibrations front handle 4.1/4.3/4.2 m/s²
Vibrations rear handle 4.3/4.8/4.1 m/s²
Sound and noise

Sound level 102 dB(A)
Sound power level, LWA 116 dB(A)

Other features

Patented, dust sealed starter unit, where the return spring and the pulley bearing are sealed. DuraStarter™ also includes a starter cord with greatly increased durability. This makes the starter virtually maintenance free, giving a further boost to the reliability of our cutters.
EasyStart ensures 50% easier starting by reducing the compression in the cylinder during starting.
All our cutters except the K 3000 Electric feature our robust new wet cutting kit, with low water usage.
The cutting arm is reversible which lets you cut closer to walls or the ground. The drive belt has a fully sealed trans-mission. This keeps out cutting dust etc, reducing wear.
Sealed transmission reduces the wear and slippage risk.
Self-lubricating clutch bearings for extended work life.
Easy-adjust blade guard
Replaceable arbor bushing
Several models are equipped with a Poly-V belt, for better transmission of power, far longer product life and extended service intervals.
Our anti-vibration system reduces vibrations in the cutter handles, so they are more comfortable to hold and can be used for longer periods. To enable the user a comfortable operating position and to reduce strain, the distance between the handles is large. The handles and the short engine body mean the user always stands close to the machine, for easier handling and control.
Poly-V belt for better transmission of power, less frequent re-tensioning and considerably longer product life.
With the new cast aluminium ground support, featuring replaceable rubber pads, the K 960 is especially stable when placed on the ground.
The newly developed front handle is larger, with a more comfortable grip.

Weight 11,4 kg