Pneumatic piston vibrators for linear vibration with unlimited fine-tuning facilities for amplitude and frequency. Wide range.


  • Quiet and efficient
  • Rated frequency 1,800 – 9,300 vpm
  • Force 32 – 6,150 N
  • Continuously variable
  • Can be used up to 150°C
  • Resistant to extreme environmental conditions

Field of application

  • Driving conveyor and discharge chutes
  • Loosening or compacting of bulk materials
  • Starting up of mechanical processes
  • Filling facilities

he vibrator operates in 2 or 6 bars with the following performance:

Vibrations/minPower ΝAir consumption min/l
2bars   6bars2bars   6bars2bars   6bars
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A length mmC SW mmD threadΕ inputF output
11665M 121/4″1/4″


Aluminium housing surface-hardened and corrosion-resistant
Housing made from hard-anodized aluminium alloy
Piston made from leaded-bronze
Steel spring starting device
Sound-absorbing air outlet system
Hard anodized aluminium base
Threaded insert for mounting purposes

Weight1,135 kg
Vibrations rpm